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Anchorage library boosters launch new campaign for upgrades. January 25, 2014. Nathanial Herz—Anchorage Daily News.

Anchorage Starts Reading Early. January 20, 2014. Dave Waldron—APRN.

Love your library. January 2, 2014. Toni McPherson—special guest to Turnagain Times.

Anchorage to ask state of Alaska for $652 million in capital funds. December 4, 2013. Sean Doogan—Alaska Dispatch.

Anchorage's branch libraries mirror neighborhood needs. December 2, 2013. By Sean Doogan—Alaska Dispatch.

A crumbling building and a technology shortage hamper Anchorage's main library. December 1, 2013. By Sean Doogan—Alaska Dispatch.

Cover 2 Cover: NaNoWriMo. November 11, 2013. By Tracy Sinclare—KTUU.

Assembly to hash out budget, bus fares and library funding. November 11, 2013. By Daysha Eaton—KSKA.

Library advocates ask Assembly for $260,000 budget boost. November 9, 2013. By Nathaniel Herz—Anchorage Daily News.

Library space just for toddlers. October 22, 2013. By Erik Hill—Anchorage Daily News photo gallery (photo #7).

Hope Studios Collaborates with Community to Create Artwork for Early Literacy Space. October 21, 3013. Alaska Business Monthly.

Searching for the Moon Over Alaska. October 14, 2013. By Dave Waldron—APRN.

Student filmmakers to showcase work at Bear Tooth. Featuring Teen Underground at Loussac's Video Club. September 18, 2013. By Lacie Grosvald—KTVA.

Tennis courts are fine, but library serve more. August 10, 2013. By Mike Robinson—Anchorage Daily News, Compass Piece.

Food for the Mind and Body. August 1, 2013. By Anchorage Public Library—AK Public Media.

Innovation at the Anchorage Public Library. June 26, 2013. By Brenda Hough—Tech Soup for Libraries blog.

Liz Meredith interviews Candace Blas, Teen Underground coordinator. June 4, 2013. By Liz Meredith—49 Writers.

(Teen) Underground Filmakers. May 19, 2013. By Dave Waldron—APRN.

Photography from teens on display at Loussac Library. April 4, 2013. By Marti Glaser—KTUU.

Loussac Master Plan Unveiled. March 13, 2013. By Lauren Maxwell—KTVA.

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